The LA CASARA VEG Company,

To proceed with the use of the LA CASARA VEG portal, the Customer / buyer must:

Be in possession of the necessary requirements to be able to enter into binding contracts according to Italian law
Accept the conditions of sale in full, as detailed in the appropriate paragraph
Provide correct and real data when registering on the site (personal data for billing purposes, valid e-mail address) and at every stage of use of the portal (order entry, correspondence, billing by LA CASARA VEG)

By using the site, the Customer is aware that:

He will be solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of all personal information entered within the portal for the management of registration and orders. The Customer must therefore promptly and in any case, before any order, update his data if any changes have occurred.
By confirming an order placed on and related domains, you declare that you understand and accept the conditions relating to the sales service
By registering on the portal and related domains, the Customer authorizes LA CASARA VEG to use their personal data according to the purposes and in the manner indicated in the Privacy Policy,
Once a purchase order has been confirmed, the automatic order confirmation e-mail must be kept complete with all the identification data of the same.
You can withdraw from the order according to the times and methods indicated in the dedicated paragraph “Returns and withdrawal from the order”.