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What information we collect when you use the site and which not: Google Analytics and traffic data analysis

Like all those who have a site and use it to sell or promote something, we are interested in knowing who visits the site, what they look at and where it comes from. This thing in technical terms is called “traffic data analysis” and to do it we use Google Analytics – here the information on privacy and the protection of personal data.

What information we collect

Google Analytics has a lot of very advanced features that allow you to know a lot of things about who visits a site. We only use it to know the essential things: who visits the site – language, location, device, browser and operating system – what they watch – classic traffic data: page views, average time, ranking of the most viewed pages, etc. – and where does it come from – so-called referrals: if you come from Facebook, Google, the newsletter and so on.

All the information that Google Analytics collects comes to us anonymously. This means that we do not know your name, where you live, what is your email address, which pages you have seen, how long you have been on the site and where you have come from but only that tot people in a certain period of time have arrived on the site. site, there have been a while, have seen certain pages and so on.

Which ones are not

Instead we do not use Google Analytics to collect information to be used for advertising, so in our Google Analytics account all the functions that are used to advertise on the internet are disabled. Another thing we do not use is a feature called User ID, which in practice allows you to track who uses the benches site when they change devices: first computer, then phone, then tablet and so on.

Where is this information

The information that Google Analytics collects is on Google Analytics and nowhere else. This means that Google keeps the information and that we do not make copies stored elsewhere, neither on our computers nor printed on our desks. When we want to look at traffic data we go to Google Analytics and look at it from there.

Who has access to this information

Right now the people who have access to our Google Analytics account are our company. No one else has access to this account and the information it contains, and we do not share this information in any way with anyone else or any other service.

How to block Google Analytics

If you do not want Google Analytics to tell us these things about you, you can use this extension made available by Google: it is available for all major browsers. If you want you can also look at the information that Google makes available on the privacy and data protection of Google Analytics.

How we handle the personal information you need to give us to buy

To buy something on this site you must give us your personal information: so let’s see carefully and point by point what happens to this information when you buy something.

The personal information you need to give us to buy
If you decide to buy something at some point you come to a page called Checkout. One of the things you have to do on this page to be able to buy is to write your personal information: name, surname, email and full address are mandatory for everyone. We would do without asking you the address if you don’t need an invoice, but WooCommerce – the system we use to manage purchases – wants it at all costs for its technical issues – for example calculating the taxes to be added – so we have to ask yourself. If you need an invoice, you must also write the company name, VAT number and tax code.

What happens if the purchase is not successful
If the purchase is not successful – for example because the credit card is refused – we will still keep the order and the personal information you entered.

Where is this information
We keep all this information first of all on our servers: in this way, when we access the administration area of ​​the site we can consult the history of orders and customers.

Who has access to this information

Only we in the company have access to your information. If you need an invoice, our accountant also has access to this information: we send all sales invoices every three months, they need them to follow our accounting. No one else has access to this information and we do not share this information in any way with anyone else or with any services or people other than those we have written above.

How we handle your credit card information
To buy on the site you must enter your credit card details: here’s how we manage this data.

For payments we use Paypal
Paypal – here is their privacy policy.

What happens to your credit card information when you buy
To buy, we ask you to enter your credit card details on the site on the Checkout page. These are the same ones you’ve probably entered on other sites: the card number, the expiry date and the security code – that is, the number on the back.

We do not have access to this data nor do we store it on our servers. These data are immediately sent to Paypal which takes care of the payment and which keeps them encrypted on its servers. In the control panel of our Paypal account – which we can access to see the payment history and which we use to manage refunds – Paypal shows us only the last four digits of your credit card number. We do not have access to other information on your credit card.

What other personal information does Paypal have access to
In addition to the encrypted data on your credit card, Paypal knows your name, your surname and your email address, the type of card you used – normal or prepaid – and the country in which it was issued. Paypal also has access to some information related to the purchase: date and time, amount spent and order number on Prestashop.

The mailing list

The mailing list is one of our favorite communication, sharing and sales tools. To manage it we use MailChimp – here is their privacy policy. Now let’s see in detail what information we collect, where we keep it, who we share it with and how we use it.

How we collect this information

To show the registration forms and collect this information we use a Prestashop plugin that sends your name, your surname, your email address to our address.

What we send you

When you subscribe to our mailing list we send you some information about our products. Not more than twice a month.

How to change or delete this information

If, on the other hand, you want to modify or delete the data stored on our servers, write an email to, we will do it for you.

Would you like to know more?

If there is something you did not understand, write an email to, we will reply as soon as possible.

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